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Another update on my progress.

Today has been a good day for me, a friend of mine and the new house mate has moved in. Spent the evening chatting and eating pizza, which was great. It was nice to have some company around the house at last and the new girl seems really friendly. It has really lifted my spirits up and I feel pretty relaxed right now.

Unfortunatly three days ago I did have a panic attack in the town and had to go back to the house after cooling off and I have been having physical signs of anxiety since. Luckily, I am able to calm them a bit with the breathing techniques that I have learnt.

On the whole though this week has been pretty good, admitidly I have over the last two days had a couple of moments when my depression has reared its ugly head. This was something to be expected though, as even though I do feel that I am getting better, I won’t lie, it is hard and for me to feel 100% better, it will take time. In the long run though, all this hard work will be worth it. I have thankfuly noticed though that I am finding I am able to snap out of depressive cycles easier than previously and that I can draw on positive thoughts to counteract it more often. Not to mention sometimes a few tears is a good way to let it all out and you do feel a lot better after. I did actually wake up today feeling a little low, but I managed to distract myself and for the rest of the day I have been in a good mood.

On another note, something good happened yesterday, I actually looked into the mirror while I was getting changed and did not think a single negative thought about my body. Infact, for the first time in as far as I can remember I actually was happy with my physical appearance. Although what was strange, was that my reaction was to burst into tears and I honestly have no idea why. If anything I would have thought that I would be smiling at myself in the mirror if I was to ever look at it and feel comfortable with my body, crying was not what I expected, but either way this is big progress. I want to try and keep it this way.

Anyway, as always I will keep you all updated on any further progress from me.

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 Found this nifty blog article, it’s a FEEL GOOD campaign. It aims to encourage people to feel good about themselves and I thought I would reblog it, so people could also join in for this weekend. I know I will definitely join in with this.


“Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect.  It means you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.” –Unknown

We have tackled some pretty heavy subjects recently: violence, bullying, suicide, and intolerance.  While these issues definitely needed to be addressed, I wanted to shift gears today.  As a writer, I always want to make people think, but I also want them to become better in some way.  It’s a balancing act for sure.

This weekend’s lesson is all about feeling good.  That’s easy enough, right?  Well, not always. Feeling good about yourself and what’s going on in your life is always important.  Still, it’s easy to get caught up in your problems and every day distractions. When that happens, finding something (anything) to feel good about might be hard to do. It’s happened to me.  It happens to all of us.

I have decided to start a FEEL…

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I am

I am.

Ìt’s true, how we interpret ourselves in social situations and how we act are all linked to our core beliefs about ourselves and the people around us.
If the words after ‘I am’ are negative naturally we are going to interpret things in ways which affirm our negative statements. Change it into something positive and you are more likley to think rationaly and be more positive and confident about yourself.

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Challenge yourself.

Have you ever really wanted to try something new, but have always been too scared to give it a go or didn’t believe in yourself enough? Don’t worry, I think we have all done this sometimes.

However, this time give yourself a challenge. Grab the bull by the horns and give it a try. You never know you could end up finding out that it’s something you find really enjoyable.


Aim high.

If you believe in yourself more, the more you will be able to do things and the more comfortable with yourself you will become. If we do not believe in ourselves and avoid things, the more we will continue to do that and it will end up becoming a negative habit. It will just hinder us in life and will not not allow us to reach our full potential.

Personally I am starting to challenge myself more. I decided to finally go for a committee space in one of the university societies. Beforehand I had always chickened out and did not believe that I would be good enough. However, I proved myself wrong there.

I’m also going to try out other new things which I never really got around to doing and I want to become more active in green issues. Finally I want to break myself out of all my negative habits. If anyone else has simular habits, then also set yourself this challenge. Go out, try new  things, believe in yourself more and do all that you can do.

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Quick Update

Hey everyone, currently I have a lack of access to the internet, so I won’t be able to do much blogging until I manage to sort out the internet in my house. I moved in last weekend, so I have yet to talk to my housemates about which internet company they want to opt for. At the moment everytime I post, it will be while I’m sitting in a coffee shop. I don’t really mind anyway, the atmosphere in here is good and Frank Sinatra’s come fly with me is now playing and I do have a soft spot for that song.

Anyway, just thought I would make a quick update on how things are going at the moment.

These past few days have been so busy for me, but in a good way, having things to do is helping me to maintain a motivating mind-set. A lot of friends have also been in touch lately, which has been really nice. Not to mention it has also been keeping my mood up lately and I am very keen on keeping it that way.

I’m learning to compliment myself too, which is cool. I feel a lot happier if I think nice things about myself. My therapist has actually taught me recently that it’s not how I act sometimes that I  need to strive to change, it’s my core beliefs. At the end of the day they influence how you act and the only reason I interpret things negatively when something does not go according to plan is because I already have these poor beliefs about myself, so naturally I jump to negative conclusions. I therefore have been trying to see things in a new light. I also am learning to like myself more and see what people think positively about myself. So far I can feel the improvements already and it is becoming a bit easier to push away bad thoughts each day. Basically, everything has been going good and I’m so glad to be back at university now.

I promise once I have the internet up and running in the house, I will post a lot more often. If I see any more posts which I think would be valuable from other people, I will re blog them too.

Stay positive people!

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Suicide Awareness Day.

As some people may or may not know, yesterday was a national Suicide Awareness Day. I therefore thought that I would focus today’s post on the topic of suicide, as a way to raise awareness.

The Facts: Around 3000 people commit suicide daily and at least one in six people will suffer from depression at some point in their lives, which for some people can result in suicidal thoughts.

However, no one should ever have to feel so unhappy that they consider taking their own lives, but unfortunately some people do end up feeling like this. A person’s mental health needs to be taken more seriously and more support should be offered to those who need help.

Another issue in relevance to suicide which I think is very important, is the impact of bullying. There have been cases where young people have committed or tried to commit suicide due to extreme cases of this. Unfortunately bullies don’t really think about it and some just consider it to be a bit of ‘fun’. In reality it is far from a joke. Even though it’s true that not everyone who is bullied turns suicidal, it can still cause other problems in later life, such as a damaged self-esteem.

In order to raise awareness about the problems of suicide, people worldwide decided to dress in yellow and write the word ‘love’ on their wrists. The word is still on my wrist today, as you can see bellow.

However, it is still important to realise, while it has been great that there is a day to raise awareness about suicide, people should support those who need help and try to prevent people from reaching this stage no matter what day it is.

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