Sorry for the lack of posts!

Just thought I would quickly mention that the lack of posts these last few days were due to me being away over the weekend.

Here is a quick update on my current progress. It’s a bit late now, so I think any proper blogging will be saved for tomorrow.

It must be said though, during the whole weekend I have managed to keep myself in a positive mindset for most of the time.

I actually had a negative thought randomly pop up earlier on the train, but I managed to push it aside and think things through more rationally. I was really proud about that, it’s a good start for me. Although it is still something I need to keep on doing more.

On another good note, the friend I was visiting has been really supportive of me, which is lovely. I have also received a fair few compliments from people over the past few days, which is always nice. I must remember to add these to the list of my good qualities in my positive thinking diary.

Overall, a great weekend with plenty of positives.

Keep happy people, you are all beautiful!


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