Suicide Awareness Day.

As some people may or may not know, yesterday was a national Suicide Awareness Day. I therefore thought that I would focus today’s post on the topic of suicide, as a way to raise awareness.

The Facts: Around 3000 people commit suicide daily and at least one in six people will suffer from depression at some point in their lives, which for some people can result in suicidal thoughts.

However, no one should ever have to feel so unhappy that they consider taking their own lives, but unfortunately some people do end up feeling like this. A person’s mental health needs to be taken more seriously and more support should be offered to those who need help.

Another issue in relevance to suicide which I think is very important, is the impact of bullying. There have been cases where young people have committed or tried to commit suicide due to extreme cases of this. Unfortunately bullies don’t really think about it and some just consider it to be a bit of ‘fun’. In reality it is far from a joke. Even though it’s true that not everyone who is bullied turns suicidal, it can still cause other problems in later life, such as a damaged self-esteem.

In order to raise awareness about the problems of suicide, people worldwide decided to dress in yellow and write the word ‘love’ on their wrists. The word is still on my wrist today, as you can see bellow.

However, it is still important to realise, while it has been great that there is a day to raise awareness about suicide, people should support those who need help and try to prevent people from reaching this stage no matter what day it is.


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