Challenge yourself.

Have you ever really wanted to try something new, but have always been too scared to give it a go or didn’t believe in yourself enough? Don’t worry, I think we have all done this sometimes.

However, this time give yourself a challenge. Grab the bull by the horns and give it a try. You never know you could end up finding out that it’s something you find really enjoyable.


Aim high.

If you believe in yourself more, the more you will be able to do things and the more comfortable with yourself you will become. If we do not believe in ourselves and avoid things, the more we will continue to do that and it will end up becoming a negative habit. It will just hinder us in life and will not not allow us to reach our full potential.

Personally I am starting to challenge myself more. I decided to finally go for a committee space in one of the university societies. Beforehand I had always chickened out and did not believe that I would be good enough. However, I proved myself wrong there.

I’m also going to try out other new things which I never really got around to doing and I want to become more active in green issues. Finally I want to break myself out of all my negative habits. If anyone else has simular habits, then also set yourself this challenge. Go out, try new  things, believe in yourself more and do all that you can do.


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