Hi, my name is Laura, I am a student in the UK, posting my first post in this blog, in which I hope to help people who have unresolved problems, low self steem or struggles with controlling emotion.

As someone who has been a victim of these herself and is going through recovery, I want to inspire people to also become determined to overcome their demons. Sharing any tips which have helped me to feel better in myself and just being able to reassure people that things really are okay, things can get better. They just need to believe in themselves and know that they are not alone in this.

I hope I can help put some things into perspective for others and be able to encourage more positive thinking. The more we allow negativity to grow, the more it will damage our esteem and hinder us in life, and the more likley it will be to erupt and cause any other future issues.

Change is possible. This is not about changing who you are, this is just about learning to overcome issues, be comfortable in your own skin and to not allow yourself to be a slave to your emotions.

If at any point, anyone would like to share their own experiences and the way in which they overcame them, please send me a message and I will post them on this blog too. They can provide people with further inspiration to work towards getting better and can help people to support a friend who is struggling with simular issues. It can show people that things can get better with dedication and time.


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