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My lovley list of postive things about me.

First off, sorry the innactivity! I really am so busy nowadays and I do not always have time for blogging. I will however continue to post (I haven’t forgotten about this blog), just not as regularily as I did at the start.

Okay, well part of the aim of this blog is to encourage more positive thinking and one of my personal goals is to try and accumulate a big list of positive attributes about myself (apposed to always thinking about the negative ones).

After about five to six weeks of noting down postivie points and compliments from others, this is the progress I have made.

  • I am:
  1. Intelligent.
  2. Friendly.
  3. Eccentric.
  4. Talkative.
  5. Passionate.
  6. Determined.
  7. Easy going to be around.
  8. Not predjudiced and  I believe in equality.
  9. One of the best people one of my friends has ever met.
  10. Creative.
  11. Good with animals.
  • I have:
  1. A good imagination.
  2. An orginal style.
  3. A broad range of interests.
  4. A nice skin colour.
  5. Pretty coloured eyes.
  6. Slim legs.
  7. Some amazing friends.
  8. Nice hair.
  9. Soft skin.
  10. Nice nails.
  11. A great height.
  12. The physical features and personality which some people find attractive.
  13. The potential and skills to be in a society committee (was asked to run and I am in one now).
  • I am able to:
  1. Stand up for my friends.
  2. Talk out loud in class dicussions.
  3. To doodle.
  4. Enjoy learning.
  5. Win at drinking competitions.
  6. Cook something edible.
  7. Get good grades.
  8. Make people laugh.
  9. Suit different hair styles.

That was my list so far, I must say I am pretty proud of myself, I have come a long way. Thanks to everyone who believed in me. Obviously, I far from 100% ‘fixed’, but I really do feel a lot better now.


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